Welcome to Beat School!

The free production school for aspiring electronic musicians

The free production school for aspiring electronic musicians

What is Beat School?

Beat School was started by me, IV: The Fourth, because I wanted to help people get into making electronic music more easily. My goal is to create a complete and well-organized resource where aspiring producers can quickly find the information or services they need as they learn and practice music production.

I want total beginners to visit Beat School and be able to learn everything in enough depth that they eventually start making music that they are truly proud of. I also want them to have direct access to quality graphic designers, artists, mastering engineers, and other resources they may need as they build a name for themselves in the music industry.

Whether you're an absolute beginner or have been producing for a while but still aren't confident in your musical ability, it is my goal to help you improve to the point that your music sounds the way you want it to. Maybe your dream is to play your music in front of thousands of people, or maybe you simply wish to make great-sounding music for fun. Whatever you want to achieve with your music, Beat School is here to help.


While I've drawn from many sources to learn about mixing, Beat School provides a level of detail that I haven't found anywhere else. It helped me fill the gaps in my knowledge. This is great information, and I plan to keep using it for years to come.ShalMusicFx
Beat School has helped me learn the ropes of Fl Studio, and got me up on my feet as far as production goes pretty quickly. It has taught me the basics of constructing melodies, mixing, filter use, and so many other great things. Many thanks go to Beat School for making me all I can be.DJ Ruskov
You did a great job on the "producing hardstyle kicks" tutorial. I found it very helpful to get a better understanding of it. With your tutorial I now have a better idea what I actually did... and now I am a step closer towards recreating old skool 909 hardcore.Robin